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Snagit - A recording and editing tool used to create short instructional videos. Links directly to YouTube, Screencast and other media servers to host videos.
Videos can be shared in a variety of ways. MyMathLab provides one method along with a direct link to a media storage location. I do not generally send video as an attachment due to file type and size restrictions.
MyMathLab Specific Concept - Addresses a specific content question using a custom question prior to the question in MyMathLab.
Student Feedback - Looking at a specific question from a student through email or Ask My Instructor question. (Sp17 218 Feedback Videos)
Creating Custom Questions in MML - Short lesson providing "Just in Time Learning," on specfic concepts embedded in a 3rd party platform, MyMathLab.


Screencast Link- Used to store media and share video with students. Allows video folders to be shared with the general public or by a private link. Also has the ability to have a folder embedded in a web page that is updated through an RSS feed.
YouTube Example - Can be used for media storage with individual videos linked or embedded or a channel embedded.
D2L Feedback - Videos can be uploaded to D2L or linked to an outside storage server. Space may be an issue if uploading full lectures to D2L.