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Instructor: Ray Brown

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Homework Assignments - The instructor reserves the right to change the syllabus as needed. Chapter assignments are due the same day as the chapter test. Chapter tests can not be started until prerequisite assignments are complete.
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Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter (MWDA) - Allows a direct connection between the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 or other Miracast enabled device and the projector. Independent of the school's Wi-Fi system. requires a projector with a HDMI input and USB port for power. Some consoles can be reprogrammed to allow switching to HDMI as the source input. Contact Nathan Wright for assistance.

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Connecting to the device - Initial Pairing       In Class Synchronization

Ink 2 Go image

Creates an ink layer that can be used for annotations. Also provides the ability to screen record, use a white board, and multiple pages. Allows for click through to interact with the computer.

YouTube Video Example    Student Feedback Example    D2L Feedback Example

PDF Example

Notebook 11 image

Software installed in many classrooms to be used in conjunction with the Smartboard. Has the capability to create a transparent layer for annotating on the screen. Does not require an additional ink layer as the Smartboard tools are accessible. Notebook software is loaded on the MS Surface. Can be used with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter. Lower the resolution if the device often disconnects.

Lesson Example

PowerPoint Image

PowerPoint does not require an additional ink layer since it has a pen tool for annotating slides. The software detects dual screens so uses the presenter's view on the MS Surface.

Lesson Example - Lynn Mora

CNET: Miracast: Everything to know about mirroring Android

Miracast write-up and comparison

Miracast Devices and technical information