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Google Hangout allows interaction in real-time via the Internet. Students may be required to meet your instructor in real-time via the Internet.  You can access Google Hangouts to ensure everything is working. To meet with your instructor, make sure you have arranged a time to meet by emailing your instructor or using a scheduling tool.

Hangout Link Image


Use the link at www.raytoteach.com to begin the sign-in process.

Select either Ray’s or Amanda’s Hangout depending on your instructor.


Google Sign in image

All students have a Google account so you will be directed to sign-in to Google using your Aims email address and Aims password.

Aims Sign in image

After signing into Google, you will need to sign into Aims using your User Name and password. Username is the first part of your email.


Allow Google access to your browser to download add-on’s as needed. Join the Hangout. You can text chat with your instructor or use a microphone to talk. Your instructor may screen share with you allowing you to work together.

Google Hangout Screen Shot
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