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Expanding your technology toolbox: Technology tools to assist with student engagement in both online and face-to-classes.

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How do we engage students in learning whether it is in the classroom or online?

Many of the students today are comfortable with technology and technology can be leveraged inside and outside the classroom to help students be successful. While the examples presented here are primarily math, these tools can be utilized in other content areas.

Zoom - Synchronous platform that can be used to live stream and record class sessions and create videos for posting to a media server such as Screencast or YouTube. Used transmit to students at home, satellite campuses or high schools.
Drawboard PDF - Windows application that can be used to annotate and markup PDF documents. This includes work submitted by students, textbooks, and other documents. Can also be used to create PDF documents from images.
Snagit - A recording and editing tool used to create short instructional videos. Links directly to YouTube, Screencast and other media servers to host videos.
Ink2Go - Creates an ink layer that allows users to write over what is displayed on the screen.
Microsoft Display Adapter - Connects to a MS Surface or other device using Miracast to transmit both video and audio to television or projector through an HDMI input.