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Zoom - Synchronous platform that can be used to live stream and record class sessions and create videos for posting to a media server such as Screencast or YouTube. Provides streaming to students at home, on satellite campuses or at high schools.
Screen Sharing - Allows what is displayed on the screen to be viewed.
Remote Annotation - Allows student to write on the screen from a remote location.
Media Storage - Provides local storage or cloud storage options. Cloud storage is an extra charge. Recordings are rendered into an MP4 format that can be shared or uploaded.
Single Screen - Platform works well from a single screen. Indicator appears when a chat message is posted.
Remote Control - Distance end can be controlled locally and distant end screen can be shared.
Audio and Web Camera - Can be turned on and off locally or at the distant end.
Easy to use - Students need to download a launcher. Platform does embed into D2L and other LMS platforms.
See their web page for a full list of features.