Math Homework Image

10 Things you should be doing:

  1. Complete the reading assignment before the lecture on assigned material

  2. After you read each example, try a practice problem to see if you understand the material (answers to the practice problems are on the same page as the practice problem or in the back of the text)

  3. List any questions that you have on the reading material and bring those questions up in class

  4. As you complete the homework assignment be sure to read any instructions for that problem or group of problems and reference any examples listed in the problem instructions.  If this seems like a lot of work and time, think of the work and time involved in retaking this course, not to mention the additional expense.

  5. Try to turn your assignments in on the due date and always check the odd problems in the back of the book to see if you are on track.

  6. Carefully review all returned homework in order to understand any errors that you are making. If you don't understand an error, talk to your instructor or a tutor.

  7. Use your returned homework to keep track of particular trouble areas and errors that you are repeating, along with a method to overcome these errors and trouble areas.

  8. Review these errors and any trouble areas before a test.

  9. If you only have time to do two things in preparing for an exam do these two things:

    1. Review the errors that you made in your homework

    2. Complete the practice exam (found at for the chapter and check your work with the exam solutions also found at

  10. Remember that you only learn how to do problems when you put pencil to paper and complete the problem.